Did you know that with less than a dozen tools you can completely disassemble and reassemble most bikes? What makes the Mango Bike Shop different is that we actively encourage rider participation in repairs. We are always happy to work like a traditional shop, but we also love to teach and show you what we do. An educated rider is a safer and better rider.

In addition to our traditional shop, we also offer mobile maintenance services. If you’ve ever competed in a 24 hour event… in the rain…  then you know what it means to come off the course hand your bike off to someone, tell them what’s wrong, and forget about it until you’re up again.  You need to rest and eat, not work on your bike. Basic adjustments, derailleur alignment, wheel truing, recabling, new brake pads, and basic replacements parts, all the things you need to stay focused on the race, and not your bike.

Also as part of our ongoing commitment to rider education and giving back to the local riding community, the Mango Bike shop hosts monthly maintenance nights for local riders. We fire up the grill, and provide the tools, knowledge, and opportunity for everyone to learn more about maintaining their bikes, as well as a great opportunity to meet other local riders. For more information on the next maintenance night, email, or check out ATL_MTB_02 on Yahoo! Groups.



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